“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

– Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


What is happening in India is nothing unexpected or surprising to know given the lessons that the history has taught us. There was a time in our history, not so long ago, when there were lies spread about the jewish community and hatred kindled through newspapers and novels and dramas and movies all throughout the world. All this happened in the years preceding the mass killing of these people (jews) by the so called Christian civilization headed and led by Adolf Hitler himself. In those newspapers and fictional pieces the jews were portrayed as people that were cruel, inhumane, terrorists, and a threat to the peaceful global society and therefore ought to be hated and wiped off the planet in order for peace to prevail. And amazingly enough when the mass killings program was initiated, resulting in hundreds of cold-blooded jewish murders, the whole global society stood as silent spectators to the horror show. And some even saw the whole thing as legitimate and genuine. Now in the 21st century we are witnessing not something very different from what happened to the jews in the 20th century. Again my special thanks go to all the Arnab Goswamies in the world who are hell-bent in their task of defaming a religion and giving its ideology a bad name. 

May it be Kashmir or Seriya or Iraq or Palestine, the hate mongers have left no stone unturned in giving a perception to the world of the victim as the oppressor and the oppressor as a victim. All this propoganda has sharply gained momentum especially after the twin tower attacks of 2001. The muslim community is being targetted in the west. There is an ever increasing rate of hate-crimes against muslims all over the world.

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